Все още тъгата по отминалото лято не е отшумяла, но ако се огледаме, ще видим, че има толкова много неща около нас, които да продължават да ни радват и да даряват с наслада  сетивата ни. Вдишайте ароматите на есента, загледайте се в топлите есенни цветове край вас, вкусете от прекрасните плодове и зеленчуци, които този [...]


A Sneak Peek into Greek Cuisine: Stuffed Zucchini – Silviya’s International Cuisine


It’s time for a new summer adventure! Can you guess where we will go today? Let’s close your eyes for a moment and dream! Can you feel the sand between your toes? Can you hear the waves crashing onto the shore and smell the salt air? Wake the feeling in your soul! Now open your [...]

Cooking Tips for Travelers – Silviya’s International Cuisine: Quick Dinner Before Holiday

It's Summer again, personally, my favorite season with its sea breeze. Of course it is also the season of holidays. It often happens that the day before your vacation the fridge in empty and  you wondering what to cook. And here I will help you with a very easy and quick recipe - Baked Omelet. [...]

Lasagna – A quick trip to Italy

Where you want to go today? What about Italy?           What are the first things that immediately come to your mind thinking about Italy? Rome, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps! Vatican , Pope, Vatican Museums! Venice, Water, Gondola! Art, Fashion, Soccer! Sicily, Mafia, Volcanoes (this is for the black-hearted here)! We can talk about Italy [...]

Clafoutis with Cherries – Bring France Home

Welcome to France!  If you don‘t have the opportunity to visit the country of wine and love, then just bring France into your home through a magnificent, tasty and extremely easy traditional French dessert, namely  Clafoutis with cherries! I offer you my version of this dessert, and you can boldly experiment with it! Here's what [...]