8 Things to Know About Travelling in Your 20s

  1. Take advantage of your freedom

    You’ll never have fewer commitments, so spend that time wisely and book off-peak. See more places and visit out of tourist season for an authentic experience.

  2. Hang out with locals

    Make friends in towns and cities around the world. Not only will you broaden your horizons but you’ll also have a couch to crash on next time you visit.orange-county-beach-hiking.jpg

  3. Don’t be afraid to travel solo

    Take the opportunity to spend some time in your own company. New experiences are amazing when shared with friends, but you’ll find them equally rewarding in a different way when travelling alone.

    Redhead girl with suitcase at outdoor.
    Travel solo
  4. Travel slow

    Take the train, bus or walk whenever you can. American-Canadian author William Gibson describes travelling by plane as ‘soul lag’. You may arrive but your soul plays catch up for days.Blonde caucasian woman waiting at the railway station with a suitcase.

  5. Make the most of each day

    Wake up early and go to bed late. Sleep when you’re back, you’ll regret letting tiredness get in the way of a great opportunity.

  6. Learn new skills

    Try something you wouldn’t normally do back home. You’re more open to new experiences when travelling so why not learning to cook some local dish.Vegan_Cauliflower_Wings_Recipe-65

  7. Do your research

    Plan for the worst case scenario and work backwards. What if your wallet gets stolen or you lose your phone? Be aware of your surroundings and figure out what’s the most cost effective way to travel, whether taking a prepaid credit card, cash or using a mobile bank.research-2.jpg

  8. Smile

    Part of every seasoned traveler’s arsenal. There’s nothing more contagious and will help you make new friends and open up new experiences.fuer-eine-work-and-travel-reise-lohnt-sich-eine-gute-mischung-aus-planung-und-spontanitaet.jpg


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