10 Fascinating Facts About Bulgaria

Bulgaria further has picturesque villages, delicious food, and very hospitable people. Below are collected several amazing facts about this affordable travel destination – some are funny, some are interesting and others are truly amazing.

  1. Bulgaria is the only country in Europe that hasn’t changed its name since it was first established. This happened in 681 AD.86915f4f87228ecc2e397b5c92d623ac--bulgaria-close-image.jpg

  2. The oldest gold treasure in the world was found in Bulgaria. Gold ornaments produced as early as 5-4 century BC, were found in the Varna necropolis. Their total weight is 1.5 kg of pure gold. The ornaments are Thracian and found on the skeleton of a 45 year old man who was buried ceremoniously, with golden treasures. Needless to say that this discovery caused enormous interest worldwide, yet many people are unaware of its existence.panagyur4.jpg

  3. Bulgarians shake their heads to mean yes and nod for no.IMG_20161029_121454_337.JPG

  4. The Bulgarian folk song “Izlel e Delyu Haydutin” by the Bulgarian folk music singer Valya Balkanska was sent in deep space on the board of the US Space Probe – Voyager I, as part of a collection of our civilization’s finest cultural artifacts – a message to an alien intelligence.balkanska

  5.  The Bulgarian army has never lost a single flag in battle.8a6d21548a39b48d707d32e7337dbc8e--bulgarian-flag-pr

  6. The roses grown in Bulgaria’s “Rose Valley” produce most (70-85%) of the world’s rose oil – a component in most perfumes.o-ROSE-VALLEY-BULGARIA-570.jpg
  7. With the accession of Bulgaria to the EU on January 1, 2007, Cyrillic became the third official alphabet of the EU.5426621000140223094531

  8. In 1976 UNESCO declared the ancient Bulgarian calendar as the most accurate in the world.Proto-Bulgarian-calendar

  9. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is the oldest Slavic Orthodox Church.Alexander-Nevsky-cathedral-church-in-Sofia-Photo-by-Clive-Leviev-Sawyer-e1340630551340.jpg

  10. Rayna Kasabova was a Bulgarian air force pilot and the first womаn in the world who participated in a military flight.640_7403ee1844d7e6337b66bb106b9c3d6f.jpg


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