Reasons To Visit Sozopol, Bulgaria

Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, swimming, sightseeing, golfing, wine-tasting, nightclubbing… these are just a few of the fun activities you can engage in while on vacation in Bulgaria.

Sozopol is an ancient seaside town located 35 km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Today it is one of the major seaside resorts in the country, known for the Apollonia art and film festival that is named after one of the town’s ancient names.

Sozopol is a place where the old, authentic atmosphere meets the new, modern feel of a summer destination. There is so much to offer for any visitor, especially those with an affinity for romantic landscapes, a star-filled sky and an artistic environment.

The Cost

Being a visitor in Bulgaria is quite awesome because the change rate is awesome and things can be very cheap, specifically in smaller cities like Sozopol. Food & Accomodation is very reasonably priced. In Sozopol, everything is pretty close. You can walk to the city center (which is the old town) and along the coast to find restaurants. A lot of Russian tourist are to be found in Sozopol. The Bulgarian Coast is definitely one of their top destinations for some beach time.2012-Sozopolwhite-6-1024x680.jpg

The Historical Sights

As it is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Sozopol has a lot to offer in terms of historical sites. The Southern Fortress Wall, the Archeological Museum and the churches all make it a special place for history enthusiasts.House-10.jpg

Accommodation Options

Accommodation ranges from big hotels with swimming pools to small houses whose owners rent out rooms to travelers, all at very affordable prices. Our recommendation is to aim for a place in or near the Old Town, as the New Town lacks some of the charm and atmosphere of the true Sozopol.koral9

The Food

When in Sozopol, take a walk and try to find a local restaurant in which they are dancing and playing live music. You can also ask a local, but if you don’t feel like it, get adventurous. There are many restaurants where you can taste the variety of dishes offered at the Black Sea Coast. The Shopska salad is a great way to start, followed by peppers in tomato sauce, taramasalata, fried zucchini with garlic sauce and fresh fish.dr-house

Apolonia Festival

Every year, in the beginning of September, Sozopol becomes one of the most artistic places in the country due to the Apolonia Festival. The festival is home to art exhibitions, book readings, concerts, and theater performances, with many intellectual things to do and see.New-srfgwetwrwrw-735x400

The Architecture

Walk around the Old Town to get a sense of the architectural spirit of Sozopol. The wooden houses with advanced upper stories are a must-see, with many houses over 100-year-old.Old_town_Sozopol.jpg

The Beaches

The Old Town beach is right in the center of town, so it is easily accessible.  If you want to explore a bit more, you can always head to the beaches of the nearby camping sites, Kavatzi and Smokinya. The Gradina camping site is also a great option, in the direction of Bourgas, the nearby town.1432297006_57.jpg


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  1. Nothing like sitting in one of the open air restaurants, eating шопска салата and fresh fish while looking out at the sea. Pity I won’t be on the Black Sea this summer, but hoping next summer is the one. Thanks for such a lovely summary of Sozopol.

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