How to Find Adventure When You Travel

What happened to living life to the fullest? Where is the daring adventure that we dreamed about as a kid?  

Adventure starts with your state of mind.

Even small forays into the unknown — chatting with a stranger in the checkout line or exploring a new trail on your daily run — can bring a sense of richness to life.

The core of any adventure is that it is unexpected. Injecting randomness to your daily life is an easy way to start making it more interesting. This means doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Meeting people you would otherwise ignore. Saying yes to unknown opportunities.

Enhance your travel experience by seeking out a city’s hidden gems and unique local adventures.itinerary-header (1).jpg

Here are some tips to get you started in having mini-adventures:

Print a map of the city and plot any number of random points on it. Then, head outside and run to each of the ‘checkpoints’ or rent a bike and navigate your way around the city.tumblr_ndyqr6oEsx1svtp5bo1_1280.jpg

Be spontaneous!  Spontaneity almost always leads to a rad adventure and one heck of a story. Look around when you arrive at a city. Is there a big island you can circumnavigate, a mountain you can climb at whim, a crag you can explore, or a number of bridges you can run across?635879588556795338579953323_Spontaneous.jpg

Swap your answersSay “yes!” to an invitation or request you’d normally decline. Say “no” to something that’s practically routine. The results may surprise you.


Try local food. What better way to explore than through food. Because of the diversity of cultures and people, cities are usually the best places to try different authentic cuisines. If you’re not a fan of exploring the city itself, explore the range of food it has to offer. Food markets and food fairs are becoming really popular and they are a great way to try different types of food at once. street-food-hong-kong-xxlarge.jpg

Embrace the weather! Don’t let rain or snow keep you inside while traveling. Weather adds another dimension to your adventures, be it fat biking in a blizzard, trail running in the rain, or hiking on a below-freezing

Get Creative! Think outside of the box and go on some unconventional adventures. Find a local park with a Frisbee golf course and go trail running on it. Buy a cheap inner tube and float a nearby river. Climb the foundations of a retired bridge.69171164-creative-wallpapers.jpg


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