29 of the Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World

Witness the most ghostly desolate places in the world…

  1. Last House on Holland Island, U.S.Aabandoned-places-5
  2. Church in St. Etienne, France517.jpg
  3. Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory in Darkness – Brooklyn, New York.3.-Abandoned-Domino-Sugar-Factory-Brooklyn-New-York-720x479
  4. Pripyat, Ukraineabandoned-places-6-1.jpg
  5. Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso, ItalycLxhtqr.jpg

  6. Underwater City in Shicheng, Chinaabandoned-places-16.jpg
  7. The Jet Star Rollercoaster, Seaside Heights – New Jersey14.-The-Jet-Star-Rollercoaster-Seaside-Heights-New-Jersey-720x479
  8. Floating forest, Sydney, Australia1016
  9. Abandoned Military Hospital in Beelitz – Germany19.a-Abandoned-Military-Hospital-in-Beelitz-Germany
  10. Sunken Yacht, Antarcticaabandoned-places-12.jpg
  11.  Victorian-style tree house, Florida, USA1316.jpg
  12. Kolmanskop in the Namib DesertiZG6nel.jpg

  13. Wreck of the SS America – Fuerteventura, Canary Islands25.-Wreck-of-the-SS-America-Fuerteventura-Canary-Islands-720x554.jpg
  14. Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture, France1713.jpg
  15. Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belgium9.-Chateau-Miranda-Celles-Belgium-720x404.jpg
  16. Spreepark, Berlin, Germany1910
  17. El Hotel del Salto, ColombiaHotel-del-Salto-before-renovations
  18. Turquoise Canal, Venice, Italy2311
  19.  Boathouse, Obersee Lake, Germany3110
  20. Nara Dreamland – Japan11.-Nara-Dreamland-Japan.jpg
  21. The Maunsell Sea Forts, Englandabandoned-places-4
  22. Craco, Italy


  23. Abandoned Wooden Houses, Russiaabandoned-places-15-1
  24. St. George’s Abbey in the Black ForestSt.-Georges-Abbey-in-the-Black-Forest
  25. I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgiumabandoned-places-1
  26. The Abandoned City Hall Subway Stop in New York – U.S.A.28.-The-Abandoned-City-Hall-Subway-Stop-in-New-York-U.S.A.-720x480.jpg
  27. Abandoned Train Station, Abkhazia, Georgiaabandoned-places-14-1.jpg
  28. San Zhi Houses – Taiwan13.-San-Zhi-Taiwan-720x479.jpg
  29. The Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria



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