5 Ways to See the World for Less

There’s no big secret to affording travel, other than to make it a priority. The real question: Do you want to travel?

With a little advance planning, some flexibility, and the right attitude, there’s nothing standing between you and your dreams of exploration.

Cheap travel is as good for your soul as it is for your wallet. It prioritizes the joy of discovering a new place over the desire for a “luxury experience.” So stop making excuses and start looking for your next adventure. Here are 5 ways to see the world for less.20161020043424-Travel

  1. Research to find the lowest airfare – The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and even time of travel. Skyscanner lets you compare flight prices across a whole month meaning you’ll be able to see the cheapest days to fly, saving you a potential packet. Avoiding the weekends can make a huge impact on the price of flights. Why not compare travel from a Wednesday to Wednesday rather than a Friday to Friday. Using Skyscanner’s handy search tool, you’ll be able to see a graph view of the cheapest days of the week to fly.  Usually tickets are the cheapest in the low season. Asia the low season is summertime. Europe the low season is the winter time. Plan your trips around those times and you can score awesome flights!
  2. Keep your needs to minimum – People need fresh air, healthy food, clean water, exercise, creative stimulation, companionship, self-esteem, and a safe place to sleep. All of these things are simple to obtain. Most of them are free.
  3. Find a free place to stay or work for accommodation – One of the biggest expenses for a traveler is accommodation. Working (or rather, volunteering) in trade for accommodation – also known as caretaking – is a great way to meet the locals, learn about the land, and get off the beaten path. All the while saving thousands of dollars on places to sleep.
  4. Be Food Wise – Meals are a secret budget buster. They add up quickly, especially if you dine out frequently on your trip, and they can handicap even the best-planned budgets. The simple solution: Pack a lunch. Or a breakfast. Or both. This is especially easy if you’re staying in a rental property or hotel suite equipped with a kitchen. The money you’ll save by packing your own meals and snacks will give you flexibility in your budget to splurge on something else you’ll remember long after your chicken sandwich is a distant memory.
  5. Get city tourist cards – If you plan on seeing a lot of sights in a city, you should get a city tourism card, which offers you discounted and free access to the major attractions and museums, as well as free public transportation.

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