Southern Italy’s scenic Amalfi Coast – The Best 5 Places to Visit

Southern Italy’s scenic Amalfi Coast is a top vacation destination, especially in summer. Cliffs rise dramatically above the sea and beautiful villages cling to the cliffs, making for spectacular scenery. A vertical landscape, in short, characterized by a picturesque labyrinth of stairways and narrow alleys, connecting the two main elements of this landscape: the mountains and the sea. The Amalfi Coast is also home to many world renowned sites including Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Greek Temples of Paestum.

We made a list with the best 5 places to visit:


Seen from the sea, Positano is set in a dramatic vertical panorama of colors; the green of the Monti Lattari, the white, pink and yellow of the Mediterranean houses, the silvery grey of its pebble beaches and the blue of the sea. Spiaggia Grande is the heart of sea edge Positano. 300 meters long, the beach is one of the largest on the Amalfi Coast, and one of the most glamorous too, attracting a fashionable crowd of artists, actors and celebrities. Positano-62.jpg

2.Amalfi & Atrani

Amalfi is the largest town along the coast and one of the most popular towns to stay in after Positano and Sorrento. It’s the perfect place to stay for those who want the luxury and beauty of Positano without the VIP nightlife/prices.

Just a mile or two from Amalfi the tiny town of Atrani clings to the cliffside. The smallest town in all of southern Italy, its history and life are intimately linked to Amalfi – the two even share beaches! The sandy beach of Atrani is located directly across from the town. You can hop between the two towns’ three main beaches during the day and explore their historic city centers in the evenings.  Снимка-за-Амалфи.jpg

3. Ravello

Set like an eagle’s nest above the dizzying landscape of Italy’s Amalfi coast, Ravello offers thousands of years of history, an enchanting mountaintop and views that have captivated countless souls, inspired artists and filled hearts with passion. Early summer is the best time to explore its largely traffic-free lanes or to wander among the terraces and pergolas of its elegant gardens, from where there are vertigo-inducing glimpses of the Mediterranean miles below.dreamstimemedium-31291798-1730x1152_e2x1_0_113_1400.20150615131644.jpg

4.  Salerno

It is a lively port town, that is rapidly re-acquiring a relaxing and open Mediterranean atmosphere. The port area itself is not particularly attractive, but once you get onto the promenade things get better. Worth a visit also is the Historical Old Town, which has in recent years recovered from being a virtual no-go area to being one of the best preserved historical town centers, full of tiny little passageways and hidden corners.689_Salerno

5. Cetara

Cetara is a cozy fishermen’s village nested along the Amalfi Coast among verdant citrus groves. The road that leads along the coast from Vietri sul Mare continues the length of the shoreline, overlooked by rugged hills and rocky seashore, past the fascinating villages of Raito and Albori, before continuing on almost straight to reach the ancient charming basin of Cetara.

The picturesque white architecture, along with the marvelous secluded beach make Cetara one of the jewels of the Amalfi Coast. Among the small sugar-cube houses you’ll find the church of St Peter with a noteworthy glazed dome and the thirteenth-century bell tower with double lancet windows.cetara-spiaggia-del-porto6_e2x1_0_253_1400.20150616203335


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