6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go On a Road Trip

What better way to start the summer with a bang than to hit the road and see the world before you get stuck behind a desk again. Road trips were the original travel method for everyone before flying became popular. Forget about waiting long hours to catch you flight, just pack your bag and start driving as soon as possible. Here are listed 6 reason why everyone should go on a road trip this summer.Jeff_Luker_Wild_Youth_06

1.The Absolute Freedom

Have you ever felt completely free? Completely uninhibited? Like you had nothing in front of you and nothing behind you? You can’t experience that feeling of true infinite bliss until you’re driving down the open road.

There’s something serene and spiritual about driving towards nothing and leaving nothing behind you but the dust of your tires. Your past and all those regrets you left behind cannot keep you when you are driving miles ahead of it.



2.To Be Spontaneous

You’ve done your research and have an itinerary of what you’d like to see and do; where you’d like to go. As you drive, you’ll discover places that weren’t on your list; places you pass on the road that you’d like to explore, beautiful landscapes to sit and feast your eyes upon. So at the drop of your driving gloves, you can change your plans. It’s that simple to just linger on a while longer.


Other forms of travel can be very strict on timing and schedules. Driving gives you complete control on when you leave, when you get there, and how long the journey will take. When time isn’t pressuring you, you are more likely to try new things like wandering off of the beaten path. Some of the best experiences in travel are when they are spur of the moment decisions.

4.It Brings Adventure

A road trip is not about the destination – it’s about journey and road-trips let you soak in all the beauty along the way. Since you don’t know what lies ahead of you, road-trips are unpredictable and unstructured, offering better chances of adventures.tumblr_nkaofwZ7Qw1tbfq84o1_500.gif

5.It Makes You Appreciate Life

Road trips are mostly not about convenience and luxury. Its about eating sandwiches on the side of the road, taking funny photos and singing catchy songs with your road trip company. Its about appreciating the small things you don’t get to see everyday. The places we usually fly over without a second thought because we are in a hurry to get to our destination. Why not make all the places in between your destination? Its humbling to drive so far and think about how small we really are.

6. It’s cheaper
If planned well, a road trip can be one of the most fun trips you can have as well as the cheapest. Considering the place you’re going to and the distance you have to travel, you’ll just have to pay for gas and toll, which you can split with your companions. You can also try going on a daytrip, which will reduce costs. The only major expense you’ll have will be your food (which you can easily solve by bringing packed meals) and entrance fees for sites you plan to visit.

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