The 6 Best Urban Beaches in Europe

Summer  is almost here, the sun is out and cities are turning urban riverfronts into makeshift paradises. We will show you the 6 best urban beaches in Europe where you can soak some sun.

  1. Tamariz, Lisbon – the beach is literally next door to Estoril station which makes it so easy to get to from Lisbon. The beach itself is relatively small but very well kept – no litter and the sand was lovely. The atmosphere is very relaxed – mostly couples and young groups quietly chatting.  There are lots of bars and restaurants near, so it is a nice way to spend an afternoon here.Praia-Riberia-Cascais-Verão-640x424.jpg
  2. Amsterdam Roest –  Roest captures the industrial feel of the former function. Its large outside terrace with laid back atmosphere, the excellent location along the calm waterfront canal and a fantastic view on the monumental Van Gendt-halls next door provide an excellent way to spend a tranquil afternoon or an entertaining night.Roest-Header
  3. Paris Plage – Pretend you’re in the south of France without leaving Paris. There are beach chairs, sofas, snacks, and a lending library. On a hot summer day it  is the ideal place to sit back, relax, watch the boats pass by and have fun with friends.1d6cc3c5ad19e5da526d93fcca407bf7-563x353.jpg
  4. Beach East, London – Life’s a beach once again at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, with over 2,200 square meters of sand deposited at the site for endless sandcastle competitions and balmy evening walks.image
  5. Islands Brygge, Copenhagen – Open air swimming right in the center of the city. On hot days, Copenhageners swim with the city’s skyline in free view. During the week, many locals pass the pool for a quick dip on their way home from work.
    The quality of the water is checked daily and has to b approved by the authorities before swimmers are let in. There are five pools in all, two of which are specifically for children. The shallowest pool is 30 cm deep. The diving towers are one, three, and five meters high respectively.382_13619.jpg
  6. Badeschiff, Berlin – The Badeschiff is one of the most extraordinary beach bars in Berlin and is a symbol of the modern, creative city. The large pool floats on the Spree in front of Arena Berlin and guests enjoy the panoramic views of the city center. A wooden footbridge with hammocks connects the barge containing the pool to the river bank where guests can play beach volleyball or enjoy the sun on fine sand. The bar offers a variety of summer cocktails and barbecue for a long, relaxing stay.11197_536317363066378_1345780197_n.jpg

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