Ruse, Bulgaria – The Little Vienna

Ruse is a cosmopolitan city at a crossroads. In its more than 20 centuries of history, a variety of ages have left an imprint on a variety of cultural strata. The spirit of the city, however, always remains unchanging, everlasting and free like the big European river – Danube – a river that generates influences, connects, inspires life and promises a future.

Ruse is a town with rich history. In 19th century Ruse is considered the most European Bulgarian town with flourishing economy. The first Bulgarian newspaper, printed in Bulgaria was published there. In 1866 was completed the first railway road in Bulgaria – Ruse – Varna. The first navy school and the first weather service were established in this town. It was also a center of the struggle for spiritual and national liberation. A lot of foreign and Bulgarian celebrated architects, arts and writers did their creative work there. Nowadays Ruse is a big economic, transport, cultural and tourist center.

Due to the beautiful architecture and the internal shaping of the buildings constructed by Italian, Austrian, German and Bulgarian architects, Ruse was also known as “The Small Vienna”.

How to get there?

By plane : Here are the nearest airports you can use nowadays to reach Ruse:

  • Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport, 93 km
  • Varna Airport, 185 km
  • Burgas Airport, 269 km
  • Sofia Airport, 306 km
  • Plovdiv Airport, 319 km

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By train: Ruse is a border railway hub, with connections to Bucharest, Sofia, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo.

By boat: Danube cruises generally stop at Ruse harbour. Unfortunately there isn’t any public water transportation at the moment.

What to do and see?


Freedom Square – the central square of Ruse is the place where all major city events are hosted and all feasts celebrated. There you can see the Statue of Liberty, the Fountains, the Municipality of Ruse, the Court House, the Drama Theater, the Opera House and the St. Trinity Churchploshtad-na-svobodataRuse Regional Historical Museum – The Ruse Regional Historical Museum is one of the 11 regional museums of Bulgaria. It acts within the Ruse, Razgrad, and Silistra regions. The museum occuipies the building of the former Battenberg Palace, previously a local court, built 1879–1882 by Friedrich Grünanger.398f000f0d2cf5a71e0725f1d9adbfa8

National Transport Museum – The National Transport Museum in Ruse is situated on the bank of the Danube, in the country’s first railway station, built in 1866.01

Pantheon of National Revival Heroes – The Pantheon of National Revival Heroes is a Bulgarian national monument. It contains the remains of 453 activists of the Bulgarian National Revival, many of who were from Ruse. The people whose bones are housed here participated in rebellions against the Ottomans, the April Uprising of 1876, or were volunteer soldiers in the Russian-Turkish War.20140625_Rousse_100

Sexaginta Prista Roman Fortress – The ruins that are visible pertain to the northern fortress wall, the rectangular defense tower, and army barracks. Excavations have also uncovered a Thracian pit complex (1st century B.C.) that contained bronze objects, ceramic vessels, and coins.640-420-prodylzhavat-razkopkite-na-rimskata-krepost-seksaginta-prista


Bulgarian cuisine is one of the tastiest in Europe, combining the rich influence of the Ottoman Empire with a peasant cooking style that uses Bulgaria’s flavor-packed vegetables and herbs to the full. 72e402f4a8528bff484480cddd015a03

Night life

Ruse offers not only rich history and splendid architecture but excited nights life and a wide variety of entertainments. Here could be found one of the baggiest club in Bulgaria. There are regularly organized different events. In the town there are a lot of clubs and bars with music for every taste. Ruse comes alive at midnight and parties continue till the morning.

Where to stay?

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  1. Your post is just the latest reminder of what I’ve missed by never making it to Ruse. Definitely have to include a visit next time I’m in Bulgaria. Thanks for all the information and photos.


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