10 Unique facts about York

In addition to the last post we made a list of 10 unique facts about York:

1. Largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe – York Minster – This massive cathedral took 250 years to build, from 1220 till its consecration in 1472.

2. York is home to the Largest Railway Museum in the world where visitors can book rail trips on the iconic Flying Scotsman and view the only Japanese Bullet train outside of Japan.york-museum.jpg
3. The Best Racecourse in Great Britain – York Races run from May to October. The Romans started racing in York in 208 AD.YorkCup2015-1018x460_-1018x460.jpg
4. York is home to the Biggest Food and Drink Festival in Great Britain.d44e12be9ffa5a54b40646b9ecf6fed0
5. York and Chocolate – York has a long history of chocolate making – Nestlé and Terry’s (now owned by Kraft) chocolate factories grew up here – all the famous names are made here – Kit Kat being the biggest seller. Some 47 bars are eaten every second and in 1999 sales amounted to £250 million, breaking the £¼bn barrier for the first time – and all made in York!

6. York has the Longest and Best Preserved Town Walls in England.

7. The Shambles is believed to be the oldest shopping street in Europe, even getting a mention in the Domesday Book of 1086.340865_m

8. The International Ghost Research Foundation announced in 2002 that York is officially the Most Haunted City in Europe.

9. The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is one of the Best Preserved Medieval Guildhalls in Europe and in 2007 celebrated its 650th anniversary.7649dbb64e
10. York is home to the Oldest Working Convent in England – and you can even book Bed and Breakfast with the nuns at the Bar Convent.


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