Gubbio, Italy – Medieval Perfection

Where is it and why there?

Gubbio is in the region of Umbria and is only about 50 kilometers away from the capital, Perugia. It’s also only about 50 kilometers from the region’s most popular destination, Assisi.

Gubbio is the oldest town in Umbria, and one of its most beautiful destinations. It’s relatively small, and its main attractions, such as cobblestone streets, Gothic palaces and churches, centuries of history behind every corner, can be easily visited in half a day.

How to get there?

There are 5 airport near Gubbio – Ancona, Rome Fiumicino, Rimini, Rome Ciampino and Perugia. Three further possibilities, not as convenient as the previous ones, are the airports of Rimini, Rome Ciampino and Perugia. Rimini airport has a bus shuttle to Rimini train station, from where one can reach Fossato di Vico with a change in Ancona, in about 2:30 hrs. Roma Ciampino has a bus shuttle to Ciampino train station, from where one can reach Fossato di Vico, with a change at Roma Termini, in about 3 – 3:30 hrs. Some low cost airlines offer a direct bus shuttle from Rome Ciampino to the station Roma Termini in connection with their flights. Perugia airport has a bus shuttle to Perugia, where one can walk to the place from where the coach to Gubbio departs

You can find direct bus shuttle here.


From all other airports in central Italy, like Florence, Pisa and Bologna, the train connection to Gubbio is not very good and it could take more than 4 hrs to reach Gubbio from the airport.

You can check flights here and here.

What to do and see?

Gubbio Festivals – Gubbio’s biggest festivals are in May. The feast of candles, Corsa dei Ceri, is May 15. The festival starts with a procession through the streets up the hill to the Abbeyof Sant’ Ubaldo, just ouside town. Then there’s a race with three teams carrying tall candle-shaped pillars weighing 200kg each, topped with statues of St. Ubaldo, St. George, or St. Anthony. The crossbow palio, Palio della Balestra, is the last Sunday in May. This traditional crossbow competition between the archers of Gubbio and nearby Sansepolcro has been going on since at least the 15th century.Festa-dei-Ceri-di-Gubbio

Eating, Drinking and Shopping – You can enjoy some of the best Umbrian cuisine in Gubbio, and also taste some wonderful pasta with truffles and porcini mushrooms. Some of the finest restaurants offer high quality food along with an extensive menu to have food of your choice. You can get some of the best Italian cuisine made using exotic herbs in these restaurants and enjoy some great food in a wonderful ambiance

Gubbio has long been known for its ceramics and there are still a number of ceramics shops selling hand-painted ceramics.

You must visit:

  • Roman theater – quite well preserved, this Roman theater dates from the time of Emperor Augustus’ reign.13206.teatro.romano
  • Piazza Grande- it is Gubbio’s main square. From the piazza there are spectacular views over the countryside.8568477391_ed660972c6
  • Porta Romana – at the east end of town, is a museum with a collection related to medieval gates, including old keys and drawbridges, and some ceramics. Near the gate are two 13th century churches.
  • Fontana del Bargello – This 16th century fountain, known as the “Fountain of the Madmen”. Tourists always flocking to the fountain, where, according to tradition, visitors can gain a license of “matto di Gubbio” (“madman of Gubbio”) by being baptized with its waters after making three turns around the fountain.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Palazzo dei Consoli – a huge 14th century Gothic building made of limestone. Inside is an art gallery, archeology museum, and civic museum.
  • Gubbio Christmas Tree  – The biggest Christmas Tree in the world is switched every year, on the Eve of the Immaculate Conception, on 7th of December. It remains active throughout the holiday season, until the day of Epiphany, on 6th January, or slightly beyond.4116-christmas-tree-christmas-tree-small-town-gubbio-boasts-biggest-world


Where to stay?

A wide variety of accommodation can be found here.


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