Flensburg, Germany – The Gateway to the North

Where is it and why there?

Flensburg lies near the German-Danish border at the end of the approximately 35 km long Flensburg Fjord. There are a lot of reasons to spend your holiday here – Sea, a historic city center, a cosmopolitan appearance as a port city with history and ample space for new inhabitants. It is a pleasant town with a homely atmosphere where two cultures meet. flensburg--1770407-2


How to get there?

The nearest airports are Hamburg about 150 km away offering a wide array of flights to domestic and international destinations and Sønderborg (in Denmark 50 km away; flights from Copenhagen only). Hamburg airport is served by the Hamburg S-Bahn and from Hamburg main station direct RE and Intercity trains leave for Flensburg with a travel time a bit under 2 hours. From Sonderborg airport take a taxi to the rail station and then DSB train.

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You can check buses and trains heremaxresdefault

What to do and see there?

Architecture – Flensburg is one of the few towns not destroyed during the Second World War. This means that a large number of historic buildings from various periods are still standing. The historic “Old Town”, characteristically German and Danish in its architecture, bears witness to Flensburg’s 700 –year-old history.flensburg--1770407-0

Exploring by boat – You can also rent a boat in the port district and head out to explore the coastal attractions.

Beaches – In summer, cold and rainy Flensburg turns into a little sea cost paradise.

  • Solitüde – Solitüde is more like a little wild beach next to the wood area. You won’t find there any cafes or other beach facilities, but a wonderful view over the sea and swimming opportunity.solitude14
  • Sandwig – The beach is quite green with a direct access to the water. The beach is filled with a very nice white sand and supplied with beach cabins, very popular in Baltic region.  There are quite good places where one could grab a drink or snack.strand-gluecksburg-sandwig-10418844
  • Wasserleben – this beach lies right next to the Danish border. Wassersleben is in the touristic area with many summer cottages and little hotels around. It offers a great view over the Danish coast and a little shipyard with number of yachts and boats nearby.Strand-Wassersleben

The Norderstraße – There’s something strange about walking down a street as shoes dangle above you. Yet the experience has become so common in this town that there’s a term for it: shoe graffiti, or simply shoefiti. Some consider the start as an art project; there is a theory that says that a boy who becomes an adult has his shoes hanging outside his house; or that it is a sign from drug dealers telling people where to buy or sell drugs. Regardless of the original purpose, the Norderstraße has become an unofficial landmark of Flensburg, inspiring tourists to contribute by leaving their shoes behind.8396519606_d4a720fde9_n

Eating, Drinking and Shopping –  Plenty of cultural activities as well as a pleasant atmosphere can be found in this historic trading town with its old restaurants and cozy pubs. Lovers of nightlife will also find here much interesting as in the town there are so many pubs, discos and nightclubs that fit all tastes. Flensburg offers a nice shopping district with old houses and gardens as well as a variety of museums and churches.33569720

Where to stay?

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