Rab Island, Croatia – Travel Guide

Where is is and why there?

Rab is an island in Croatia and a town of the same name located just off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea. It covers an area of 90.48 square km, is one of the greenest islands and probably one of the most magical. It has stunning sandy beaches and it is covered with pine forests. Island Rab stands as the top Adriatic destination of excellence owing to its natural resources, cultural heritage, traditional customs and festivals, local cuisine and excellent tourist services.rajska_5

How to get there?

By plane: If you are arriving by plane then you have a choice between two airports – Zadar and Rijeka. The distance from Rijeka airport, which is located on the island of Krk, to ferry port Jablanac is 93 kilometers, and the distance to the ferry port Valbiska on the island of Krk (ferry Valbiska-Lopar) is 26 kilometers.

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If you are already there:

  • Ferry/Car/Boat/Bus: It’s easy to stop in Rab if you’re island-hopping in the northern Adriatic. There’s a car ferry from Lopar to Valbiska on Krk Island that runs all year but more frequently in the summer. Contact LNP for the schedule and booking information. Otherwise, there’s a daily catamaran all year from Rijeka to Rab, going on to Novalja on Pag Island. If you have wheels, there are numerous daily car ferries from Stinica on the mainland to Misnjak. The ferry is run by Rapska-Plovidba which handles all bookings. The same company will take you further down the coast via passenger ferry to Lun on Pag Island. Various companies cover different routes, so you need to give some attention to planning your route.

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Things to do and see

Cuture: The cultural and historical highlight of the island is enchanting Rab Town, characterised by four elegant bell towers rising from the ancient stone streets. The town is also rich with history and we can even walk on its old city walls, see the clock tower, which has the same mechanism ever since 16th century. If you find yourself on the island between 25th and 27th  July then you have the opportunity to attend Rapska fjera festival, held on the streets in the old town of Rab.

Food: Kitchen of  the island of Rab is a healthy and balanced cuisine, typical Mediterranean cuisine rich in fresh fruits and vegetables ,fish, characterized by a light seasoning. Don’t forget to try “Rapska Torta”, it is traditionally baked in the shape of a spiral. According to legend, this cake was first served in 1177 to Pope Alexander III when he consecrated the Assumption Cathedral in Rab. There are also many fisherman’s nights held on Rab in July and August where at a reasonable price you can enjoy  fresh fish, wine, and local music.

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Nightlife:  Rab town is the place to go out of an evening, with harbor bars and clubs that are full from happy hour until way past midnight. Umbrella-shaded tables and juggling cocktail mixers fill Rab town’s main square of Trg Municipum Arba, where the fun goes past midnight at places like the San Antonio Club. Start the night in a pub or a cocktail bar and then spend the rest of it dancing in a club. Be sure to check out the great party atmosphere at the Santos Beach Club at Pudarica, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, where renowned Croatian and foreign DJs are frequent guests and many concerts are held.

Beaches: Even at the peak of the summer season, when the island is overrun with visitors, you still get a sense of discovery wandering its old quarter and escaping to nearly deserted beaches just a quick boat ride away.

  • Pudarica beach is a sand beach with amazingly clear sea.
  • Go for a swim in the town beach where you can swim with a great view of the ancient city walls and church towers and if you are lucky you will get serenaded from the  classical music school, which window is above the beach.
  • Paradise beach, is the most famous beach on the island.

Where to stay?

You can choose between tremendous amount of accommodation available on Rab Island.

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