Nessebar, Bulgaria – a romantic walk through Ancientness

Where is it and why there?

Nessebar is accent, romantic and charming. It is located in South – East Bulgaria and it is one of the major seaside resort. It has a lot of to offer to its visitors – not only cozy accommodation with amazing views, but a lot of unique cultural experiences.188_3091

How to get there?

The answer of this question, of course, depends on where you coming from. If you traveling from another country the best way to get here is by plane. The nearest airport is located in Burgas, only 26km from Nessebar. There is also a low-cost air company Wizzair which is providing flights to Burgas from London Luton (UK), Warsaw and Katowice (Poland) and from Budapest (Hungary). Right behind the airport gate you can take a bus directly to Nessebar for only 6 BGN  which means 3 Euros. If that is not working for you there is an another airport in Varna, only 108km away.  Search flights here.

If you are already in Bulgaria and want to visit Nessebar, then the fastest and the most comfortable ways to travel are by bus or renting a car. You can check out Rome2Rio for more information.

What to see and do there?

As one of the oldest European towns and with its historical heritage, Nessebar caught the eye of UNESCO and got on the World Heritage List. You will need only a minute to understand why. Nessebar’s timeline began more than 3 millennia ago, when the town was founded by the Tharacian civilization. Since its birth, it’s been ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottomans, and most of these empires have left imprints on the place. You can still see the remains of temples and agoras from antiquity and basilicas from Medieval times. In addition,  there are more than 40 historical churches to spot.ness12

  • The City Gate And Its “Keeper”

Probably the first thing that you will notice on your arrival is the old wooden wind mill, situated  on the left shore. Right behind the wind mill are the ancient ruins of city walls and the city gate which are dating back to the 6th century.  If that is not stunning enough wait till you are at the gate and hear  its special “keeper” – an old man playing bagpipes. He comes every summer and plays there surrounded by the sea and ruins, to make people happy and make the atmosphere even more dramatic.Picture 106

  • Churches, museums and ancient ruins.

As we already wrote there are more than 40 churches, there are also a lot of museum and ancient ruins. We mean they are EVERYWHERE. Starting from the gate  continuing down the street, soon you will reach one of the beautiful churches – the church of Christ Pantokrator from the 19th century. Right in front of the church, you can visit a film museum. A little further is the St. Sofia church, which is the oldest one in Nessebar, from 6th century.  We won’t get in details for every church because they are A LOT. Walking down the streets you will be surrounded by typical Bulgarian houses, colorful flowers and stunning views.

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  • Food

If you are fan of seafood Nessebar is place to be. Fishes, mussels, shrimps or calamari can be easily found. In the old town prices are usually more expensive, that why we advice you to go to the new town where prices are lower and you will have almost the same experience.

  • Nightlife

If you want your nights to be exciting, luckily for you there are a lot night clubs and bars. Also right next to Nessebar is Sunny Beach. This place is cheap and believe us knows how to party. You can also visit Cacao Beach where the festival Solar Summer is held. 13124842_1102488556461111_6529816676051653274_n

Where to stay?

Here you have numerous options from 5 stars hotel to a guest house or shared room.

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