Best of Montenegro – the pearl of the Mediterranean, 2 destinations which deserve your attention.

Are you ready for your next adventure? If you are but still haven’t decided where to go we are here to help you. Montenegro – the pearl of the Mediterranean is our proposal for you. If you wondering why you should go there we will provide you with really good reasons and 2 destinations that are worth visiting.

Montenegro has  magical atmosphere, situated on The Adriatic sea, this tiny country offers a wide variety of experiences. It is a peace of heaven which successfully intertwine  the richness of its cultural history with stunning views of  The Adriatic sea, crystal clear waters, affordable accommodation and exciting night life.

Here are 3 of the best destinations in Montenegro

  1. Kotor – It is a city steeped in tradition and history, with remarkable scenic views.  As its seems that is located in a surreal and unique atmosphere, trapped in time, Kotor will tell  its ancient legends and stories just walking down its streets. In addition, here can be found accommodation as cheap as 15€ per bed. Check out the hottest offers and book now.

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    2. Perast – It is a unique, small and beautiful town, located on the Bay of Kotor. Perast is a historical treasure and unforgettable experience for everyone who loves to explore. It’s most famous landmarks aren’t on land at all: two peculiarly picturesque islands with equally peculiar histories, According to legend, through to centuries, local seaman and sailors, throwing stones into the sea, after finding the icon of Madonna and Child on the rocks in the sea. In this way they made this little artificial island called  as the island Our Lady of the Rock. Here a bed per night is about 20€. Check out the hottest offers and book now.

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    Check out fights to Montenegro here.



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